Kwizda Agro signs agreement for exclusive registration and distribution of novel biofungicide in Central Europe

Biofungicide is new frontier in sustainable Downy Mildew control in grapes

Vienna, June 29th 2020 – Kwizda Agro and Jouffray-Drillaud signed an exclusive co-operation agreement that allows the Austrian plant protection producer to develop, register and distribute the biological foliar fungicide UPSIDE® in Central Europe. The fungicide is based on a complex of active molecules produced from yeast fragments (ABE-IT-56). With its new mode of action and high efficacy, UPSIDE® will play a fundamental role in conventional and organic wine production. The registration of UPSIDE® in Central European markets is planned for 2023.

Kwizda Agro and Jouffray-Drillaud are proud to announce their exclusive partnership to register and launch UPSIDE® based on the active ingredient ABE-IT-56, in Central European markets. UPSIDE® provides effective Downy Mildew control by triggering the plants immune system, helping it to defend itself faster and more robustly against pathogens.

”Kwizda Agro is regarded as a leading expert in the development, positioning and registration of products for the protection of grapes in Central Europe. With Jouffray-Drillaud we have a strong development partner, who allows us to bring the new foliar biofungicide UPSIDE®, a new tool for Downy Mildew control, to conventional and biological wine producers”, states Catalina Bardewyk, Business Unit Head “New Technologies” at Kwizda Agro. “UPSIDE® is a truly unique and powerful new biofungicide – efficacious but sustainable, an optimal addition to our portfolio and fits very well with the targets set by ourselves and the Green Deal.”

”Kwizda Agro and Jouffray-Drillaud have a united goal to offer farmers ecological and efficient products. After having worked closely with Kwizda Agro during the last few years, we are convinced that this partnership will enable UPSIDE® to become a biopesticide reference product on the major European markets“, says Luc Saint-Bonnet, CEO of Jouffray-Drillaud. “Our goal is to design innovative products that meet society’s environmental expectations.”

Pictures: Kwizda Agro and Jouffray-Drillaud will offer winegrowers an efficient product for combating peronospora. (Credits Picture 1: Robert Staudinger, and Picture 2: Jouffray-Drillaud)

About Kwizda Agro

Kwizda Agro is a leading producer and supplier of chemical and biological crop protection products and fertilizers in Austria. The company specializes in the development and production of complex crop protection formulations, exhibiting high agricultural competence and detailed knowledge of footprint markets. Kwizda Agro is part of the family-run Kwizda Group, with businesses in pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical trade, pharmaceutical services, cosmetics and sealing/roof sheeting. Kwizda Agro has a total of 300 employees, with its headquarters located in Vienna, Austria, distribution sites in Hungary and Romania, and biocide subsidiaries in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The business unit NEW TECHNOLOGY focuses on the development and international distribution of proprietary and innovative biological products in arable and specialty crops.

About Jouffray-Drillaud

Jouffray-Drillaud creates and develops competitive and eco-friendly solutions with a view to sustainably improving the profitability of agricultural production systems in forage crops, field crops and specialty crops. Jouffray-Drillaud is a French company belonging to Terrena, second largest agricultural cooperative group in France. Jouffray-Drillaud has 4 areas of expertise: seed breeding, biopesticide solutions, adjuvants and seed applied solutions.
Key figures: 170 employees, € 60 million in turnover,


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